Smart Ways To Save Money On Car Rentals

Generally, while planning a business trip or a holiday, the expenditure will mount up quickly. Besides airfare, hotel, food, etc., one needs a rental car as well and that will add up to the travel bill.

While renting a car, apart from the sticker price of the rental, you must bear other expenses like fuel, insurance, parking charges and miscellaneous charges. The price would vary depending on the car you rent. Here are four smart ways to save money on your next rental car.

Choose a Fuel-Efficient Rental Car

Most times, what people spend on rental cars goes towards fuel.  But, if one chooses a fuel-efficient rental car such as Hyundai Accent, Ford Focus, Toyota Prius or Nissan Altima, you can save some money.

Use a Smartphone Equipped with GPS Feature

Using a smartphone equipped with GPS feature can not only avoid driving extra distance, but also avoid paying extra charges for a rental car equipped with GPS.

Car Sharing Services

People who want to rent a car only for a couple of hours can consider car sharing services as that would be ideal to save money. It is also advisable for people, who are travelling on a regular basis in larger cities, to avail car-sharing services rather than renting a car.

Look for Competitive Rates

No car rental company charges cheaper than the others on a regular basis when it comes to renting a car. The prices depend on the trip details such as the time and date when the car is required and also the city where you want to rent the car and the type of car you would want to rent. All these factors decide the price.

Also, you can check aggregator travel websites to compare lowest prices for each individual situation. If rates seem to be more for your destination across all rental car companies, then consider checking prices in nearby cities and plan your trip accordingly.

In today’s scenario, renting a car is unavoidable by any individual or businessman, so one has to be encyclopaedic of car rental companies, their terms and conditions, the cost, the quality and variety of cars that they provide, the availability, their services and then make a move with renting a car.

Hope the above mentioned smart ways would help you save money on a car rental.

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